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Ambleside School of San Angelo
by Tara Flora
The mission of the Ambleside administration and faculty is to provide a "living education," where each child is guided and empowered to author a full and free life, a life rich in relationships to God, self, others, ideas, and all of creation.
Goal: $5,000.00
0% Funded

ACT- A home away from Home
by Julie Hamil
The family that we have at ACT is like no other. Some of the best moments of my life have happened with this group of people. Help me raise $2000 so we can continue to inspire and bring joy to the community of San Angelo!
Goal: $2,000.00
1% Funded

My TriBE
by Landa Cason
Fundraising for my theatre family. These people are so very generous giving of their time and talents I would like to help give back!
Goal: $2,500.00
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Performing Arts Matter
by Ken Roberts
This unique theatre organization provides so much more than entertainment, as there are educational opportunities for children and adults alike. The attitude of creativity and excellence shines through in every production and class they offer to our region of West Central Texas.
Goal: $10,000.00
3% Funded

Be Theatre Day of Giving
by Debra Edmund
Be Theatre is a very important part of my life and the lives of my grandchildren. Please help me continue to help Be offer quaity oportunities for our community as well as amazing entertainment.
Goal: $1,000.00
8% Funded

Be Bold, brave and Fabulous: Support Be Theatre!
by Elena Kent
Be Theatre is as much a part of my life as my own family. In truth, it is my 2nd family. I am so proud of this organization and appreciate my husband and children's support these past [almost] 8 years! Be Theatre is run almost entirely by volunteers with the biggest amount of heart and soul I've ever had the pleasure to witness in the creative arts. Since founded in 2011, I've seen Be Theatre changes lives with each and every production! I never forget when someone says "Thank you" and then follows it with the story of how this experience has benefited them and encouraged them in ways I could have never imagined. Theatre not only inspires individuals to become more confident, it encourages positive change in the lives of those who participate AND experience a performance. Maybe a bold step at work, school or at home has led to a new challenge that would not have been attempted had it not been for the confidence that has been gained through a theatrical experience or an outreach event.

THEATRE CHANGES LIVES. I believe it with all my heart and that is why all of us at Be Theatre spend countless hours volunteering our time for no paycheck at all. Thank you for considering donating to this magnificent organization!
Goal: $2,500.00
28% Funded

by Jon Hogg
Support free summer Shakespeare on the Concho
Goal: $5,000.00
10% Funded

Be YOUth - Helping kids grow through theater!
by Suzy Roberts
At Be Theatre, we do not believe in putting ourselves in a box, so-to-speak. Instead, we create our programming semester by semester based on what our students would like to see happening. Our mission fits best in our small space with a max enrollment of 15-20 for our 3rd-12th grade students, and just 10 per class for our K-2nd grade students. We work with approximately 40 to 50 kids per semester, which is a nice fit for many students who have anxiety about big groups or just enjoy the small classes. We enjoy being a part of the magic of the rich arts community in San Angelo and will continue to offer small classes based on the needs of our students.

BONUS! Sometimes, as with our recent production of Godspell and the upcoming Midsummer Night's Dream, we will bring a very large scale production to life and there will be some fabulous roles for our young talent! We enjoy the opportunity to feed our creative souls with all kinds of theatre in San Angelo!

Funds raised through SAGives helps us with scholarships for students in need as well as classroom expenses and production costs.
Goal: $1,000.00
40% Funded

by Devin Koehler
My life and story has been greatly impacted by Scouting. Here is my story. The things I learned in Scouting has made me who I am.

About Devin D. Koehler, CFRE

As a youth member in New Braunfels, Texas, I earned the Arrow of Light, Eagle Scout, and the William T. Hornaday Bronze Medal Conservation Award. I have served on the Bear Creek Scout Reservation Staff and Philmont Scout Ranch Staff. I attended the 1993 Jamboree, 1994 NOAC, two Philmont treks in 1994 & 1995, a Mountain Man Trek in 1995, Kanik, and was on the National Jamboree Staff in 2001. Served as Chapter Chief of the Sioux District OA Chapter and elangomat for the Aina Topa Hutsi Lodge. As a District volunteer, I completed Woodbadge, the Commissioner's Arrowhead, and the Scouter's Key. Later, I was recognized as a Doctorate of Commissioner Science, Vigil Honor Member of the Order of the Arrow, NESA Legacy Society member and a Gold Member of the James E. West Fellowship Society.

During college, I was active as a volunteer Assistant Scoutmaster, Associate Venturing Crew Adviser, District Training committee and Roundtable commissioner staff. I also worked for the Philmont Scout Ranch as Manager of the News and Photo Department.

After graduating from Texas Lutheran University in Seguin, Texas and earning a BBA in Finance, I began working for the Conquistador Council in Hobbs, New Mexico as District Executive. In March 2004, I was promoted to Senior District Executive. In March of 2006, I was promoted to Field Director of the Concho Valley Council where I have served three executives and two staff members over a 39,100 square mile area and had responsibilities in Council Program, Finance, Membership and Unit service, serving twice as Acting Scout Executive. In January 2011, I was promoted to Senior Development Director of Endowment & Planned Giving were I have raised over $10 million dollars for the Endowment of the Sam Houston Area Council.

Outside of Scouting, I served as President of the Hobbs Rotary Club 2005-2006 and directed the construction of the Rotary Dream Park, first Handicapped accessible park in the City of Hobbs, New Mexico. I enjoy camping, fishing, photography, hiking, backpacking, kayaking, and snorkeling.
Goal: $1,000.00
959% Funded

Investing in the Future of San Angelo
by Amy Roberts
Boys & Girls Clubs of San Angelo enables all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens. Programming in three core areas meets the diverse needs and interests of our Club members.
*Academic Success
*Good Character & Citizenship
*Healthy Lifestyles
The programs offered provide strong moral guidance, positive role models and life-changing educational programs. Boys & Girls Clubs of San Angelo is an organization that stands for traditional values, while providing progressive programs that address the problems faced by the youth of today.
Goal: $25,000.00
0% Funded

Cassie's Place low-cost vaccination and microchip program
by Princess Fiel
Cassie's Place provides low-cost vaccination and microchip clinics for dogs and cats twice a year in San Angelo community.

Vaccinations against contagious and deadly diseases such as: rabies, parvovirus, distemper, bordetella, and feline fvrcp are very important to protect our pet's health and well-being. Animals can become exposed to sickness through contact between fences, at parks, or other public areas that are exposed to contamination. By providing low-cost vaccination clinics to the public, CP helps to ensure that our community pets' health is protected and help eliminate or reduce potential medical expenses over an ill pet.

San Angelo has enforced a microchip ordinance since 2015. CP & partners offering these low-cost vaccine and microchip clinics to the public helps our pet owners comply with the city ordinance as well as increasing our pets' chances of getting home in case they get lost, stolen or find themselves at an animal shelter or veterinary office.

Please help Cassie's Place provide the continuation of these clinics for our community animals by donating to their Low-Cost Vaccination and Microchip program.
Goal: $6,000.00
3% Funded

Cassie's Place Relocation and Transport Program
by Princess Fiel
San Angelo has been combating pet overpopulation for several years now. Despite efforts of spaying and neutering, educating the public, re-homing and promoting adoption programs, there are still too many unwanted animals in this town and not enough people who are available to adopt.

Cassie's Place strives to find our animals a loving home of their own. One of CP's most effective programs of re-homing animals is through Relocation and Transport program. CP's relocation and transport program saves lives and gives animals the best chance of finding safe and loving homes by transporting animals to other reputable organizations in other States or other locations where these animals have a greater chance of adoption.

As a responsible rescue, CP ensures the safety and well-being of animals by following state and federal animal transport laws as well as upholding our standards when partnering with out-of-state organizations. That is, CP ensures all animals to be transported are evaluated through a behavioral test and must have a clean bill of health (updated vaccines, heartworm and fecal tests, fecal and deworming treatments), no signs of contagious diseases, spayed/neutered and microchipped. CP pays a minimum of $75 per animal in vetting and they send 360+ animals a year for transport.

CP's relocation and transport program has been so successful in combating pet overpopulation in San Angelo. Please help Cassie's Place by donating to their Relocation and Transport program.
Goal: $6,000.00
3% Funded

Medical Grade Rocking Chairs
Our special care nursery needs new medical grade rocking chairs (and recliners) with a higher seat. The rocking chairs allow parents to be able to sit and visit with their sick infants in the special care nursery. The higher seats makes it more comfortable for moms who have just delivered and promotes Kangaroo Care during the stay.
Goal: $5,000.00
23% Funded

by Michael Wilson
Concho Valley PAWS sponsors a FREE Lost and Found Pet service online at helpmegethome.com. Since 2010, PAWS has helped thousands of lost pets reunite with their people through this website. Since partnering with the City of San Angelo, our local shelter has utilized this website, leading to a drastic increase in owner redemptions, and one step closer to a no-kill San Angelo!
Goal: $2,500.00
11% Funded

Compassion Fund
by Jenie Wilson
Concho Valley PAWS provides life saving emergency veterinary care to companion animals. Many of these animals are stray or homeless while others belong to low-income families making treatment not possible. Without the compassion fund, these pets would face euthanasia instead of treatment. This fund not only helps pets of the Concho Valley but the people who love them.
Goal: $2,500.00
1% Funded